Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype

Take this quick quiz to uncover your money personality (sacred money achetype) so that you can start earning money with ease and grace!

Who am I and why did I create this Personality Quiz?

My name is Aileen Lane and I am a business mentor to personal stylists.

Originally from Ireland, I lived in Singapore for 18 years prior to moving to my current location in the South of France. I live in a small french village with my husband, my two boys, Jack and Joe and our five dogs.

I was a Personal Stylist for many years before I become a Business Mentor so I know where you are now and I know how to help you get to where you want to be in your business.

I created the money personality quiz because I have seen so many personal stylists including myself struggle with setting prices, charging their worth and earning a consist income. 

Determining your 'money personality' is the first step in becoming aware and facing down your money blocks. 

It made a huge difference for me in my business and in the bottom line for my clients - I know it will for you too.

My Qualifications:

☑ Certified Colour Consultant & Trainer with Color Me A Season 2005 (USA)

☑ Certified Image Consultant with The Image Maker 2005 (USA)

☑ Obtained CIP ( Certified Image Professional) status with The Association of Image Consultants International in 2012.

☑ Business Mentor to 100's of Personal Stylists around the world helping them to have a 6 figure business in weeks not years!

☑ Certified Sacred Money Archetype Coach

What the people I work with say?