FREE Challenge Reveals How  Image Consultants & Personal Stylists Can Immediately Start To Get High Paying Clients By Identifying Their Ideal Client.

Join my FREE 5 DAY IDEAL CLIENT CHALLENGE and identify your ideal client so that your marketing speaks directly to them and so that you get more high paying clients now.

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What Previous Challengers Have To Say:


✔ Get Clients Effortlessly: Your marketing efforts become way easier and more focused and you attract people who will be delighted to pay your fees.

Become a proficient expert: You automatically become an expert once you niche down meaning you know exactly what your client wants and needs making selling a doddle.

Become immeasurably more effective on social media: Speaking directly to your ideal client in their language will allow them to get to know, like, trust and buy from you quickly.

HOST: Aileen Lane

What Results Recent Students Experienced After Taking The Challenge:

Hosted By: Aileen Lane

✔  Maybe you've tried to figure out who you should be working with before and failed. Don't worry, I will be posting simple tasks in the facebook group each day for you to complete so that you identify who your perfect client is and where you can find them;

✔ Perhaps you are concerned that the challenge will take loads of time. You absolutely have enough time because each task can be done in approx. 15 minutes each day. You will be able to fit the task in even on your busiest day;

✔ Maybe you are concerned that if you niche down then you'll get even less clients than you currently are! My experience is that the exact opposite is true and I will be sharing simple and practical tips to help you  start getting more clients immediately;

✔ You will have help every step of the way as I will be live in the facebook support group every day answering your questions and queries.

I can't wait to get to know you more and help you start getting more clients today! 

I'm 100% in , I hope you are too! 

See you in the facebook group. Aileen x